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Christmas Inheritance (2017)
Year, country:
Ernie Barbarash
Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacy, Andie MacDowell
1h 44min
Ellen - a young, eccentric person, accustomed to living in luxury, to satisfy any of his whims and not to be responsible for possible unpleasant consequences of ill-considered actions. The main heroine of the film "Christmas Heritage" 2017 online melodrama has never engaged in professional activities, preferring to irresponsibly waste money provided in large, virtually unlimited quantities by a wealthy father who owns the multimillion-dollar fortune that he earns by running a large corporation.
The behavior of a frivolous, irresponsible daughter is very troubling to the aging father. The millionaire is absolutely rightly apprehensive that a young, careless and unreasonable heiress, who allows himself to be indecent in society, will not be able to manage the family business created by the parent for many years in the near future. To learn the true capabilities of his only heiress, the tycoon prepared difficult tests, requiring the manifestation of personal qualities and flexibility of the mind.
He put the condition that only after passing the prepared original quest, the girl will be able to claim the billions she earned with difficulty. The first task looked simple enough. After receiving a hundred dollar bill, Ellen (Eliza Taylor) was to go to her native town, where she spent her childhood, and her parents met, and to deliver Christmas greetings to the indicated addressees.
Possessing an unusually small amount, spoiled luxury and permissiveness of the girl will be very difficult to fulfill the father's commission. She will find herself in very unfamiliar, unfamiliar conditions. She has to overcome many obstacles and learn how to interact with ordinary people, seek help. Watch free full movie Christmas Inheritance (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org