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Favorites Escape from New York (1981)

Escape from New York (1981)
Year, country:
John Carpenter
Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine
1h 39min
The events of the picture "Escape from New York" take place in 1997. The whole world is engulfed in a new war, the bloodiest and cruelest in the history of mankind. The island of Manhattan has been turned into a strict regime prison, where opponents of a new revolutionary order are being held.
A few years ago, the rebels were taken prisoner by the president, who is now being held in a Manhattan prison. The hero of the war, named Plissken, was given the responsible task of getting into the prison and getting rid of the president, who was greatly weakened by torture and bullying. The new government does not favor the former head of state, so he has very little time left. Experienced soldier Plissken is obliged in a short time to carry out a risky mission, especially since his own life depends on this. To guarantee fidelity, the veteran was given a deadly slow-acting drug that would kill a man at a predetermined time. To survive, Plissken must return to the camp in time along with the rescued prisoner, where he will receive a well-deserved award - an antidote. Watch free full movie Escape from New York (1981) online in FreeMovies4k.org