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Favorites Cocoon (1985)

Cocoon (1985)
Year, country:
Ron Howard
Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn
1h 57min
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In the plot of a fantasy film directed by Ron Howard "Cocoon" once visited the Earth, the aliens left at the bottom of the ocean the miraculous cocoons of life. Later, returned aliens, moved them to the pool, near the nursing home. The residents of the nursing home and the nobility did not know about such a miracle until one day, several old men dared to swim in the pool of the neighboring house. This of course can be regarded as a crime, but refreshed old people felt an unprecedented surge of energy. The water in the pool has a magical property of prolonging life and gives the person incredible strength and vivacity.
Wanting to investigate what is the miracle of the water in the pool, residents of the nursing home discover at the bottom of the pool the same wonderworking cocoon, which is a repository for a sleeping alien creature. And while the stranger sleeps, the cocoon gives strength to all who are nearby in the pool. However, the aliens who returned behind the cocoon are not against intruders at all, but on the contrary offer the old people to fly to their planet ...