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Mimic: Sentinel (2003)
Year, country:
J.T. Petty
Lance Henriksen, Karl Geary, Alexis Dziena
1h 17min
Some time ago, entomologist scientists Susan Tyler and Peter Mann brought out a hybrid insect called "the breed of Judas". This new specimen is needed to destroy the cockroaches that caused the epidemic in New York. Their task hybrids fulfilled and had to die, because they could not give offspring. However, a mutation occurred and the "Judah's breed" survived. Insects developed to huge sizes. The worst thing is that sometimes they could take the form of a person. People at the cost of incredible efforts seem to have managed to destroy these monster mutants.
Marvin Montrose is 24 years old. Because of the aggravated attacks of asthma, the guy always has to stay in his apartment. From boredom Marvin watches from the window behind the tenants of the house opposite. Sometimes Montrose takes pictures of everything interesting for himself. Unexpectedly, as described in the movie "Mutants 3: The Sentinel," Marvin discovered that some of the neighbors began to disappear. The photos have vague shadows resembling people. A young man with the help of his sister Rosie and her friend Carmen has established that these are mutants who are preparing something dreadful for the whole of mankind. One man is also interested in Garbagemann. When young people found out who he really was, they had a real nightmare. Watch free full movie Mimic: Sentinel (2003) online in FreeMovies4k.org