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Take Down (2016) HD
Take Down (2016)
Year, country:
Jim Gillespie
Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Hari Dhillon
1h 47min
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The film "Take Down" is a British thriller, the story of teenagers caught up in hostages of a criminal organization.

On a secluded Scottish islet a regime camp is organized for recalcitrant majors, spoiled by their own parents. Pupils are expected for three months of strict discipline and control of picky instructors. "Vacation" on the island should turn young loafers, addicted to drugs, adrenaline races and gambling, into worthy people. The main principle of the harsh camp life - for the fault of one lobotryas the whole group answers.

Among the misdirected majors is Kyle Hartman (Jeremy Sumpter), the culprit of a drunken car crash. His father's money freed the boy from prosecution, but the educational camp seems to Hartman worse than a real prison. The situation worsens when a certain criminal group seizes the island with the children of millionaires, demanding a disproportionate ransom from their parents. Now, in order to survive and be free, the company of undisciplined youngsters must become a single cohesive unit.
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