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Favorites Pottersville (2017)

Pottersville (2017)
Year, country:
Seth Henrikson
Christina Hendricks, Michael Shannon, Judy Greer
1h 24min
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Many are sure that the Snowman exists, but only for all time there was not found any evidence. Many expeditions are sent to search for this creature, every report of a meeting with Big Foot immediately causes interest among scientists and they rush to remote corners for the sake of searching for any evidence, but always they are disappointed. And this time, as soon as the rumor of a meeting with Big Foot in the small town of Pottersville was heard, a lot of people poured in. This is scientists, and tourists, and journalists, and the usual curious. Everyone looks at the photos with surprise, and they listen to the stories of eyewitnesses. Residents of this small town are very pleased with the appearance of so many people, because they have the opportunity to excel at this sensation. The mayor of the town already plans how the town will flourish, how many shops, cafes, and restaurants can be opened, which will make it possible to employ a lot of townspeople. But there is one person in the town who is not at all happy about the appearance in the city of all lovers of the snowman.
 The fact is that Maynard (Michael Shannon) is the Big-Foot because of which all this stir began. In one of the evenings he had a good drink with alcohol and decided to take a walk around the town, wearing a monkey costume. All would be nothing, but the town came a man who considers himself a hunter for different monsters and is going to at any price to catch this monster.