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Flatliners (2017)
Year, country:
Niels Arden Oplev
Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev
1h 49min
Is there an afterlife? What awaits people after the last breath? Is there any hope that the stopped heart is not the end? To these tricky questions, mankind sought answers in hundreds, thousands of years. The testimony of eyewitnesses who survived a clinical death, excite the imagination of researchers. But there is no way to say exactly what is waiting for you there, behind this trait. Five medical students decide on a dangerous experiment. Armed with scientific discoveries, inspired by a possible recognition, guided by banal curiosity, they decide to personally visit the next world. Everyone will artificially stop the heart, and then return to life. Komatozniki hope for a quick result.
The first experience with death lasted exactly 60 seconds. When the girl regained consciousness, she did not say anything surprising. But her mental faculties astonished. Suddenly she began to play the piano skillfully. Surprised friends decided not to postpone further attempts. Time each time increased. Did they make a breakthrough in science and medicine? Games with the very fate - a bad idea. It's up to the guys to find out very soon. The world of the dead does not forgive an impudent invasion of its own abode. If you are there, then you can not leave.