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A Dream of Christmas (2016)
Year, country:
Gary Yates
Nikki Deloach, Andrew W. Walker, Cindy Williams
1h 23min
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A month before Christmas, stores begin pre-holiday trade. For someone it is an opportunity to calmly and judiciously buy gifts for loved ones, and for some - a way of promotion, especially if the work is a store, and you are in it managing. With a favorable outcome, you are shone to become a manager in a more prestigious place, for example, in a boutique in Paris.
A sweet girl dreams of becoming a business lady, which she does well, although at the expense of personal happiness - there is no time for this at all. After meeting the hostess, the smell of Parisian streets will become more apparent. To fulfill the dream, you just need to arrange the main stand so that there are no competitors left. But before a fateful meeting, one of the workers drops the roller with paint on her dress. The contractor dismisses an undisciplined employee. After the meeting, her attention was attracted by a little boy, who urgently needs to talk with Father Frost. Calming the boy, Christine promises to help him. The kid turns out to be the son of a laid-off worker, growing up without a mother. He and Kristina have a friendship. Maybe, it is this friendship that will save Christina from loneliness.