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A Christmas Carol (2009)
Year, country:
Robert Zemeckis
Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth
1h 36min
   The action of the cartoon "Christmas story" takes place in London, the Victorian era. Christmas is approaching, but Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly financier and a scoundrel of what little, does not rejoice at all. He generally hates holidays, as well as children, fun and his clerks. The only consolation of his hard-hearted heart is the money that he pinches out of anything. Because of his bad temper, he broke up with his wife, forgot about relatives and has no friends. His assistant Kratshetu, who lives in poverty, he pays a penny and makes him work even on holidays. However, for this Christmas, Scrooge still agrees to let the clerk go home: that sick son Tim, who is unlikely to hold out to the next one.
   The same evening Scrooge visits an unusual guest - the spirit of his companion Marley, who died a few years ago. For greed and greed after death, he is punished by the fact that he is doomed to drag a heavy load behind him. Marley informs the former partner that the same punishment awaits, and the visit of three ghosts - the past, present and future of Christmas. These visions can change a lot in the destiny of man ...                 A Christmas Carol (2009) Watch full movies online free|-FreeMovies4K.ORG
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