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Envoy (2014)
Year, country:
David Weinstein
Elijah Allan-Blitz, Paul Thomas Arnold, Will Spencer
The protagonist of the painting, whose name is Brandon, is overcome by carnal desires. He can not imagine his life without daily sex. Brandon is like a drug addict, the main drug for which are women, whom he uses only for one purpose, without seeing the point in a permanent relationship. In his life there is absolutely no room for romance and hope. At the same time for Brendon sex is no longer a way to have fun. Trying to find some new sensations in sex, each time he gets only a keen sense of emptiness and disappointment that fill his soul and how acid corrodes it from the inside. In spite of this, one can not fully say that his rampant life completely does not suit him. Brandon controls his life. He goes to work and in itself is a very responsible person. Trying to change himself, he decides to start a relationship with a girlfriend, a colleague at work, but is keenly aware of the gulf that separates them. There comes the realization that they are different people and absolutely do not fit together. Brandon is once again in a dead end, experiencing only shame, despair and fear. Watch free movie action, sci-fi Envoy (2014) online in FreeMovies4k.org
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