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Saw (2004)
Year, country:
James Wan
Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover
1h 43min
  The film "Saw: The Game for Survival" became one of the most box office detective thrillers, which spawned a series of sequels and aroused resonance in the film world.

Two unfamiliar men, a guy named Adam and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, come to their senses in an abandoned cellar. Their legs are chained with steel chains to the walls of the room, and not far from them, in the middle of the room, lies the corpse of yet another prisoner, quite obviously having committed suicide. In the hands of a suicide squeezer, a revolver and a dictophone are clamped, after listening to a tape on which the prisoners learn what the mysterious and insane kidnapper expects from them. His message is unequivocal: if Dr. Gordon appreciates his life, and, moreover, the life of his wife and children, then he must find a way to finish his comrade in misfortune. For thinking, the hero is given only six hours.

Hooks are next to the prisoners, but they can not cut the chains. Time elapses quickly, and Gordon and Adam must find a way out of the cellar, and at the same time find out who is so awfully entertained with them and what is the motive of his atrocities ...
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