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Favorites King Kong (1976)

King Kong (1976)
Year, country:
John Guillermin
Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, Jessica Lange
2h 14min
Before us is a touching film, introducing the viewer to the history of love, to which it is simply impossible to be indifferent. The main heroine goes to the distant part of the world together with the employees of a large corporation for the sale of oil. Heroes brings to the forgotten by all the island, which for no one is of interest. When they land on land, then at first everything goes perfectly - picturesque landscapes and the opportunity to visit at least somewhere besides a dusty city seems to Duane a terrific idea. The adventurous mood of the heroes borders on fantasy, and at some point even grows into horror. On the island, they meet a huge gorilla, which locals call King Kong. A terrible beast is capable of destroying uninvited travelers in an instant, but suddenly the inexplicable happens - he shows tender feelings towards Duan. A beautiful blonde becomes a captive of a monster, but soon her companions are released. If they do not find oil here, they decide to make money on King Kong and take it to New York, but this is pure madness, because a monkey that has escaped to freedom is capable of destroying half the city.
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