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Elf (2003)
Year, country:
Jon Favreau
Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart
1h 37min
"Elf" - a comic film by John Favreau about the fate of the boy's shelter. Buddy Hobbes did not know his parents and lived in a hospice house. Once on Christmas Day, Santa Claus came to the house. The curious little boy was so eager to wander that he decided to huddle in a sack with gifts. An unsuspecting wizard took him far, far away. There, in a far northern monastery, Buddy was adopted by one good elf. The boy lived happily, and when he grew up, he decided to leave the northern regions and go to the metropolis.

It is rumored to be home to my dad. Buddy Hobbes really wanted to get to know him, so he made a very long journey. But my father - a successful rich man - has no business before Buddy. The businessman is very busy with the multiplication of his considerable capital. But, despite this, Papa still introduces the son of an elf to his family. Stepmother, and Michael's half-brother is not delighted with his ridiculous relative. After living so much time on the North Pole, Buddy in the city is ridiculous. The adventures of the elf Hobbs in the megalopolis begin. Have fun!
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