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The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) HD
The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)
Year, country:
Bharat Nalluri
Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Pryce
1h 44min
   The film "The Man Who Invented Christmas" is a screen version of the novel by the British writer Lesa Stadiford of the same name, and tells about the history of the creation of the brightest novel by the British classic of the century before last Charles Dickens, entitled "Christmas Song in Prose".
   This short story tells about the wonderful transformation of the old and vile miser by the name of Scrooge. He was an insensitive egoist, but miraculously transformed over one Christmas night. And the reason for this transformation were three uninvited night guests, strange and still unsolved ghosts: The spirit of the past, which never forgets anything; The spirit of the Christmas Day, which is very cheerful and joyful, but is alive only during one festive day; The imperturbable Spirit of the future, silent, but inevitable.
   The third guest shows Scrooge a picture of his death. Death, which no one touched and did not upset. And then he shows him another death - the death of a little boy, who is mourning all those around him. In the morning Scrooge wakes up transformed by kinotochka.club, he wants to experience everything that he did not care about before - generosity, kind attitude, empathy, and most importantly - love. And all his bounties he draws on a little boy-cripple - Tim's Crow.
   Standidford called his book "The Man Who Invented Christmas", because in this fairy tale Dickens was given a new direction for the Christmas holiday. After it, the holidays became full of fun, gifts, generous charity with an unforgettable sound of bells that signify a call for generosity from the Salvation Army.
   After the publication of this Dickensian tale had a huge impact on the consciousness of their fellow citizens, and then this influence spread throughout the world. In the book of Stanford is told about the history of the creation of this remarkable story.
   The fact is that the last few months before the publication of this fairy tale Dickens was followed by a series of failures. And although he was considered the most popular writer in Britain, his debts grew like a snowball. His last novels, Martin Chuzzlewitt and The American Notes, were not successful with readers, and the publishers, one by one, refused to cooperate with him. And then, in order for his family not to swallow, Dickens decides to write a new Christmas story and publish it himself. In order to be in time for the holiday, Dickens had to work at a furious pace. He wrote a fairy tale in just six weeks. And a few days before the Christmas holidays, this book came out of print, exploding public opinion and becoming one of the best and most popular works of the writer.
   Some Western critics say that in the novel The Man Who Invented Christmas, the writer replaced the Holy Spirit with humanized three Spirits, and the little Christ with a small earthly child whose salvation does not depend on God but on specific good people, calling it "secular humanism ".
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