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Favorites Storm: Letters van Vuur (2017)

Storm: Letters van Vuur (2017)
Year, country:
Dennis Bots
Laura Verlinden, Yorick van Wageningen, Peter Van den Begin
1h 40min
Watch free full movie Storm: Letters van Vuur (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org Lovers of an interesting movie about events in the late Middle Ages offer Storm Letters of Fire movie 2017 watch online for free and make a trip to one of the cultural and economic European capitals - filled with the free spirit of Antwerp. It was there that there were a lot of printing houses that used heavy wooden presses for printing books and leaflets in their work. One of them was owned by Klaas Voten, the father of the protagonist. Storm Voten was only twelve years old when a Saxon monk, tired of persecution, knocked on the door of their house. On the heels of a worn out man walked dressed in black, menacing riders. They drove their horses gallop to grab the fugitive ...
The persecutors were sent by the most important inquisitor, the brutal Franz van der Hulst. The fact that the monk hides an important letter - a message belonging to the pen of Martin Luther, a well-known Christian theologian and reformer. The monk kept this letter, so that it was printed and told to the followers. Luther called for an uprising against injustice, he wanted the termination of the Inquisition. The riders arrived at the Voyenov printing plant. Father Storm was arrested, and the teenager himself is forced to flee, taking the cherished manuscript. The hero is forced to hide in the catacombs of the city, where he met and made friends with his peer, the girl-orphan Marik. Together, the heroes must save Claes Vaughn from burning at the stake ... We recommend the Storm of the Fire Letter 2017 in good quality as the hd 720 and in a fascinating way get acquainted with the ideas of the great thinker defending freedom of thought.