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Favorites A Sound of Thunder (2005)

A Sound of Thunder (2005)
Year, country:
Peter Hyams
Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley, Catherine McCormack
1h 41min
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The film "A Sound of Thunder (2005)" is a fantastic thriller that combined the stories of two stories by Ray Bradbury.

A near future. Thanks to the invented time machine, mankind has mastered a new kind of tourism, which has become a profitable business. Now the rich amateurs of entertainment travel to the prehistoric era, available as a safari park. The last wild lions and crocodiles have long been shot, so millionaires are happy to hunt already doomed dinosaurs. On temporary excursions, the company of Charles Hatton, with whom the zoologist Trevis, accompanying a group of travelers, coexists.

An indispensable rule for rich extremals is the taboo on changes in the past. In addition to video, from the prehistoric jungle can not tolerate anything - no trophies, no casual trifles. A careless journey through the past threatens a prosperous present, but presumptuous voyage organizers are not going to turn off safaris. The thunder boomed unexpectedly: one of the hunters who were bewildered involuntarily brings home a crushed butterfly, which caused terrible cataclysms.