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Favorites The Forbidden Dimensions (2013)

The Forbidden Dimensions (2013)
Year, country:
Christopher James Miller
Brittany O'Neil, Amy Daly, Carl Crew
1h 26min
Watch free full movie horror, thriller, sci-fi The Forbidden Dimensions (2013) online in FreeMovies4k.orgMany people imagine the future in different ways. Someone thinks that there will be an overabundance of technologies, someone believes in a general war, and someone is convinced that people will simply die out. John did not care, he was interested in the present and his entire conscious life, he enjoyed what he has without seeing the point of looking into that very future.

However, it was this man who was destined to receive a grandiose gift, which forever changed the views and opinions of the young man. Many years after his birth, he learned that he had somehow got the ability to navigate through time and through ignorance, inexperience, he realizes this journey, finding himself in the distant 2035.

There he sees that a bright future is not as bright as some thought. Several representatives of the Nazi fascists were able to take control of the world in their own hands. Physicians create terrible mutants, which continue to clean up territories from the representatives of mankind.

Only a few have survived, others are fleeing, while others barely venture to confront a mighty group of villains. What will the protagonist do? Will he be able to stay alive and come back? And what lessons will be learned from such a far from safe adventure