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Favorites Jack Taylor: Purgatory (2016)

Jack Taylor: Purgatory (2016) SD
Jack Taylor: Purgatory (2016)
Year, country:
Charlie McCarthy
Iain Glen, Siobhán O'Kelly, Jack Monaghan
1h 30min
Jack Taylor: In Purgatory watch free in good quality and watch on the phone.
Plot: The chief executive of one of the largest companies that deals with software finds that they have leaked valuable information. And then, it was decided to hire those people who know how to find the ends and do it quickly and professionally. As a result, Jack and Darrah began to work for this firm, engaged in the search for criminals. They hope that they will quickly come to the trail of those who stole from the company valuable game data that have long been in development, and which are of very great value and importance. But will they be able to do this and find those who are really to blame for this.