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Jack Taylor: Shot Down (2013) HD
Jack Taylor: Shot Down (2013)
Year, country:
Stuart Orme
David O'Meara, Iain Glen, Hazel Doupe
1h 29min
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Jack Taylor was fired from the National Police for violating professional ethics. He did not long indulge in despondency, calmly considered his possibilities, systematized useful acquaintances and engaged in private investigation - not very revered in Ireland, even for the veteran Garda. His ability to find something that many did not notice at close range, skill and quite reasonable prices earned the sysacher a good reputation. He traveled almost the whole country, just not to return to his native Galway.
This time Jack will have to investigate the murder of a young woman. Former colleagues are reluctant to share information, but Jack himself does not sew himself. The murdered one was found by her daughter Rosie. After the death of the mother, the girl lives in the family of her uncle.
A 32-year-old woman was hit hard on the head, and after being shot. Rosie can not testify, she is in a state of shock. When the numerous relatives of the murdered realized that Taylor intends to get to the bottom of the truth, they try in every possible way to send him home. Why do people fear investigation? The detective manages to talk the girl, she gradually gets trusted to him and says that when she found her mother, she was still alive, and calls the name of the murderer who shot her in the back. If they find out about this, no one will ever give a fiasco for Rosie's life.