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Jack Taylor: Priest (2013) HD
Jack Taylor: Priest (2013)
Year, country:
Stuart Orme
John Kavanagh, Susanne Schrader, Killian Scott
1h 33min
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Private detective Jack Taylor, a former officer of Garda, dismissed for rudely speaking to a high-ranking official, proceeds to investigate the murder. Now he works not alone, but with assistant Cody. The case is complicated by the fact that the victim was a priest.

Pastor, Malachi's father addresses Taylor. To say that Jack is surprised a little, he believes that the request of Malachi’s father from the realm of unreality is equivalent to the Pope leading the gay parade. On the eve of the temple, Father Royce was beheaded during the prayer. The head was far from the body, this suggests that the killer had remarkable physical strength or desperately hated the victim.

Malachi's father told the detectives that when he was sent to the parish as an intern, he once found Royce with his pants down in the company of two crying boys. Then, in order not to contrive the scandal, it was possible to achieve the transfer of child molester to the parish of Boston. Many years later, Royce appeared in his native land for the funeral of his brother, and arrived at his own.

Taylor and Cody meet with the victims, those awful events left their mark on the psyche of each of them. As the investigation uncovers other unfavorable facts from the life of a servant of the Lord.