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Favorites Jack Taylor: The Dramatist (2013)

Jack Taylor: The Dramatist (2013) HD
Jack Taylor: The Dramatist (2013)
Year, country:
Stuart Orme
Colm Ward, Kathleen Rayner, Niall Buggy
1h 33min
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Surely, many of you are wondering what to do during the evening rest. Agree that after a hard and hard working day there is nothing better than to relax in front of the TV while watching your favorite movie, series or show. We advise you to plunge into the atmosphere of the mysterious and most interesting television series "Jack Taylor", which the Russian audience loved from the very beginning of its appearance on the screens of our country, that is, from 2011. It should be noted that this series was filmed in the noir genre. Mysterious and mystical scenes, the constant struggle between the hero and the anti-hero, erasing the boundaries between these characters, as well as the confusion of the plot, twisted and complex chronology, lost time, all this favorably highlights the series "Jack Taylor" against the backdrop of soap operas and melodramas. From the very first episode, the film delays and intrigues the viewer with the very persona of the main character - Jack Taylor. This policeman has a rude temper and a special temper. He is far from a timid and will not bow to anyone, be it a high-ranking official or anyone else. It was for his attitude to the minister that he was fired from the Irish police. But this case did not affect his affection and love for his profession, and he continued his work, engaging in private investigations. Putting a small fee for his services, he received intricate and interesting investigations. First, he will have to uncover the case of the sunken adolescent - but whether it was suicide or murder should still be clarified. After that, our hero soon finds himself in a dangerous situation when he is accused of murder. He should thoroughly understand everything and understand what is actually happening in his life ...