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The Wrong Child (2016)
Year, country:
David DeCoteau
Vivica A. Fox, Gary Daniels, Tracy Nelson
1h 24min
The plot is based on the history of cooperation between the American writer Thomas Wolfe (performed by Judah Lowe) and the New York publisher Maxwell Perkins. Perkins (Colin Firth in the film) before this has already worked with such super-famous writers as Ernest Hemingway and Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The first two novels of Thomas Wolfe, the incredible and grandiose "Look at your house, the angel," and "On Time and the River," passed the hard edits of Maxwell Perkins (he even changed the name of the second novel), after which Thomas Wolfe became known as a representative of the so-called "lost generation". Two subsequent novels, "Web and Rock," "No Return Home," published after the death of the writer, brought Wolf into the category of the most significant American writers of the twentieth century. While many writers are literally tormented by their works, Wolfe, on the contrary, did not know when to stop. He was incredibly talented - and incredibly verbose. This talent required taming. Only Max Perkins realized that Thomas Wolfe's manuscripts for five thousand pages can not only be reduced to a digestible volume without loss of meaning, but then sold to a large number of readers. And although the editor and writer constantly fought for every word in the manuscript, Thomas Wolfe secretly feared that without Perkins's editorship his talent was not worth anything. Such closeness and constant joint work of Wolfe and Perkins naturally began to bother the wife of Perkins (Laura Linney) and Wolfe's lover (Nicole Kidman). For the theater director and producer Michael Grandage, the film "Genius" became a film debut. He did his best to show both the complex workflow of editing a potential literary masterpiece, the complex relationships of heroes, and the times of the Great Depression. But, obviously, the director needed his Perkins with a big red pencil (the script is too long, the music is too dramatic, and the actors occasionally pretty replay). Wolfe wanted to describe the modern "lost generation" of Americans. And his generation inspired this prose. However, it is not too obvious - from the vision presented in the film it is difficult to understand how Wolfe's prose would inspire someone more than an ordinary pamphlet. New York in the film is represented mainly by the publisher's office, Wolfe's flat and the Perkins suburban house. There is no sense of extraordinary inspiration that ignited the imagination of Thomas Wolfe. The Wrong Child (2016) Watch full movies online free|- FreeMovies4k.org