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Favorites Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Year, country:
Stephen King
Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington
1h 38min
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"Maximum Overdrive (1986)" - a film based on the work of Stephen King.

Due to the fact that a certain comet touches the Earth's axis with a tail, the technician is going crazy on the surface, which actually leads to an uprising of the machines.

Trucks, pick-up trucks and other electronics attack the recent owners, and people who do not understand anything become easy targets. A group of survivors gathers at a gas station, where they hold defenses without light and with limited ammunition. Bill, Brett, Dek and others have no particular plan. They barely carried off their feet at the first wave and now simply translate the spirit. They have a bazooka already resting several cars, as well as thoughts of an island nearby: there is no technology, so this may be the only safe place to "sit out" the apocalypse.

At the meeting a version appears about the involvement in the UFO machine revolt, who want to cleanse the Earth of human beings.

Suddenly, gasoline becomes the subject of blackmail: if the characters do not run their opponents, they will destroy the gas station ...
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