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Favorites Black Eagle (1988)

Black Eagle (1988)
Year, country:
Eric Karson
Shô Kosugi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Doran Clark
1h 33min
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The film "Black Eagle" is a thriller that tells about the struggle of several groups from different countries for the right to possess advanced technologies and weapons.

  The American aircraft, on board which were recently invented secret laser targeting systems on the target, fell into the sea near the coast of Malta. It was not by chance that the Soviet ship Leontiev was in the vicinity of the crash site, where KGB agents arrived in the shortest time to find a valuable cargo. Americans are aware of the presence of competitors. Their command sends them to the enemy's enemy's den, although no one hides that he is not the best available agent, which means that the successful outcome of the operation can not be guaranteed.
While the designated operative fails, the leadership is putting a lot of effort to return the best of the best - no one Ken Thani nicknamed "The Black Eagle".

Opponents converge in a fight, like at sea, where searches continue, and on land, where diplomatic games smoothly flow into armed disassembly and intense chases.
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