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The Hollow (2016)
Year, country:
Miles Doleac
Jeff Fahey, William Forsythe, William Sadler
2h 8min
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Fargo Brothers Coens do not give rest to filmmakers for two decades, so fertile was the topic of a brutal murder somewhere in the Mississippi area, the investigation of which reveals many local secrets and secrets. The young director and screenwriter Miles Doleak follows the footsteps of his famous predecessors and presents a new dramatic criminal detective where, from one crime, from the center of the web, threads stretch in all directions, each leading to his own dark cupboard with a hidden skeleton.
In a small town in Mississippi, there is a triple murder and one of the victims is the daughter of a US senator who just traveled by car and accidentally ended up in this place. To investigate this cruel crime from the capital comes a whole swarm of the coolest FBI agents, the case is also handled by local police, led by the local sheriff.
Such powerful forces are likely to quickly and promptly deal with the crime and identify an attacker or a group of intruders, but in reality everything turns out to be much more complicated, confusing and more interesting for the spectators of this criminal drama.
FBRovtsev is headed by a brilliant detective, but it is at this moment that the hero is full of his own problems and internal demons that torment his tormented soul and do not allow to sleep at night. The sheriff also has experience and skill, but his city as a whole and the department in particular have long been mired in corruption and undercover games, so the investigation slips, a lot of strange local characters appear, dark personalities, mysterious details are revealed, some of them are related to triple murder , others - no, but also deserve the attention of law enforcement.
In addition to the senator's daughter, two people were also killed, which, perhaps, are not so important for Washington, but they have embittered relatives in the very city where the crime occurred. Relatives demand retribution and are ready to embark on their own justice for the triumph of justice. Drama flares up serious and, perhaps, there will be new victims ...
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