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Home Again (2017)
Year, country:
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen, Candice Bergen
1h 37min
The main chapter of the commemorative drama "Home Again (2017)" - mother, one in two absorbing two dochek. She lives in Loc-Angelce, where one can support and nurture two children - the target is not from among the others. Once with the army there was a fall, but loved ones did not get the zhenschin bored. On the eve of the Coptic Day of the Alice's Creation, the whole company collects close to each other. They are here to take the most immediate exit from the corrupt state: the land with a cem-libo poem. Konechno, this ideyu nemninnitsa otverpgayet, once after a few coctails, he znakomitcya in the club with a young child, with which one day is pobyypaetcya in one pot. Surprise Elic et nedela, as well as the surprise vpnuvsheyya materepi gepoini v cemte with pohdnymi granddaughters. When they go into the houses they organize the mother in the entrances of an ill-defined and patronomaniac. Mamma Elis encourages the young man to go the same way: she urges that he and his cousins take pictures of the dwelling in the house before him. In the final it is like that and it springs. The new tenants create an unbelievable time for events: Elise begins to test the sympathy for another club's kavalera, and a second time she calls out the signs of the housekeeper's attention. The former husband, having found out about such a thing, starts to look at the body with other eyes, and introduces into it a definitive and provocative ocboo. What then is the love of that kind?
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