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Favorites A Foreign Affair (1948)

A Foreign Affair (1948)
Year, country:
Billy Wilder
Jean Arthur, Marlene Dietrich, John Lund
1h 56min
Does not it seem comical when the congressional commission leaves to check the morale and pious behavior of the young military? The atmosphere of the holiday reigns during moments of rest, so the society is filled with laughter, jokes and the brilliance of shining eyes. The film "The Foreign Novel" is a romantic story of the last century, filled with an idle spirit. In the picture, honor and nobleness have their own weight, but the extravaganza does not lose its color from it. Thanks to the charm of Phoebe and Erica, men's society comes to life, and the confrontation of two beauties adds color to passions that take place in the hearts of the main characters.