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Favorites Lucky (2011)

Lucky (2011)
Year, country:
Gil Cates Jr.
Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Jeffrey Tambor
1h 43min
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In the center of the merry American comedy, Lucky in good quality, young, shy and cute guy Ben, who has long been madly in love with the charming blonde Lucy. Heroes are familiar from early childhood and even work together, but unfortunately the girl does not reciprocate with him, because she prefers men of a slightly different kind.
Lucy is just crazy about her boss and twists romance with him. But, one day, the boss tells his secretary that everything is finished between them, so that the girl will fall into despair. But, as they say, if something in one place is decreasing, then in another place it will arrive. When Ben comes home after a hard day's work, he learns that he won the lottery. But, this lucky ticket went to him in a very original way, namely he killed a girl who sold tickets, and all because of the fact that she was much like Lucy ... You can watch online Lucky, Lucky online, in good quality free of charge without registration.
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