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Woodshock (2017)
Year, country:
Kate Mulleavy, Laura Mulleavy
Kirsten Dunst, Joe Cole, Pilou Asbæk
1h 40min
Woodshock (2017) free full movie. The human temperament and subconsciousness form a kind of volcano, dormant until a certain time, capable of erupting at any time. Unexpected breakthrough can cloud the mind, bringing a threat to others. A person often finds himself in captivity with his own fears, illusions, irresistible desires and inclinations. At the moment of the manifestation of a spiritual cataclysm, the victim needs the support of close people. Nearby necessarily there should be a reliable, loyal friend, able to pacify, escapes outward emotions, to direct them in the right direction.
Sometimes, a small detail may seem to provoke an uncontrollable emotional outburst, which seems quite insignificant and unimportant. If there is a serious mental trauma, the consequences of splashing internal energy can provoke irreversible processes. Weakened and almost lost his mind, people can be dragged into a terrible cycle of risky desires. The main heroine of the dramatic film "Woodshock" 2017 online Teresa (Kirsten Dunst) in the recent past suffered a great tragedy, which led to a strong psychological shock.
She forever lost her loved one and unsuccessfully tries to get rid of an absorbing feeling of total loneliness and unbearable anguish. Desperate girl, wishing to escape from the depressing reality, begins to use a powerful psychotropic drug that helps get rid of painful depression. Initially, the medicine brings a tangible relief. Pills dull mental suffering and unpleasant memories. Gradually, Teresa drags deeper into the abyss of pleasant, unreal sensations. At some point, she completely ceases to distinguish between the fictional and the real world.