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Mayhem (2017)
Year, country:
Joe Lynch
Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand
1h 26min
Watch online full movie Mayhem (2017) | Humanity is enveloped in a terrible epidemic, caused by a monstrous, dangerous virus, an antidote for which has not yet been found. Infected subjects cease to control the manifested emotions, expressed in insane acts, the consequences of which they simply do not realize under the influence of an unusual illness. Illnesses embrace an irresistible lust, an all-consuming rage, a paralyzing horror. Restrained in a normal state by civilized citizens, feelings unchecked outwardly. The action of a strange drug ends after exactly eight hours. The terrible events were provoked by a completely ordinary incident. A certain lawyer's office, which is very popular, working smoothly and reliably, unlawfully fires its employee, unaware of the fatal consequences of such an action.

Deeply indignant lawyer managed to obtain a powerful virus, spreading it across all the premises occupied by the institution, where until recently worked time. The poison immediately enveloped all the floors, began an instant impact on people affected by infection. In the body of infected irreversible mutations begin, leading to active manifestations of low-lying desires that are at the level of instincts. Prudent and well-educated employees turn into uncontrollable animals, the existence of moral forgotten principles and limitations. At the wrong time, a young guy comes to the office, looking for a vacant place, wishing to get a job. He is not exposed to infection, but is alone with a lot of infected citizens who have lost their human appearance. He will have to get out of the difficult situation himself.