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Fed Up (2014)
Year, country:
Stephanie Soechtig
Michele Simon, Katie Couric, Bill Clinton
1h 32min
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206 billion dollars - so much was paid back to the tobacco companies after the American authorities enticed them into lies, but how can you equate the harm of smoking, for example, with the use of sweet soda or corn syrup, and even say that certain products cause addiction similar to the drug? The US federal government is aware of what is holding above the profits of the American food industry, just like a number of journalists and activists for a healthy diet, but how for decades they have managed to fend off any charges brought against them or to squeeze out big benefits from them. Journalist Keti Kurik leads us through a powerful thread of revelations and explains why, despite the media's attention, the public, politicians and the government to combat childhood obesity, the generation of American children now live less than their parents. Below, you can watch the documentary "Fed Up" online in good quality, and also get acquainted with the trailer of this documentary.