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Favorites The Tournament (2009)

The Tournament (2009)
Year, country:
Scott Mann
Ving Rhames, Robert Carlyle, Kelly Hu
1h 35min
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"Tournament for Survival" - a film that will show to its audience all the cruelty and unprincipledness of the criminal world. This criminal world organization includes two main cells: the world of bosses and the world of hired killers. The latter are also exchangeable coins for high-profile criminal circles. Such is not a pity, you can substitute them, collide with their foreheads, make them fight. What happens to the cruel period of seven years. It is this interval that separates one tournament for survival from another battle. In this traditional battle, there are 30 best mercenaries, 30 most cruel and immoral criminals. Only one will remain: he will become one of the best, gaining fame in the circles of criminal bosses. He is fortunate enough to bring with him 30 million dollars. Not a small, nor a modest amount, capable of brightening the afterturning existence and smooth the scars conquered in the game. But the deadly battle is not only among the strongest and most skillful killers. A genuine battle unfolds between those who like to bet, trying to intuitively determine the future winner.

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