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Favorites Singularity (2017)

Singularity (2017)
Year, country:
Robert Kouba
Carmen Argenziano, John Cusack, Eileen Grubba
1h 32min
Full movie sci-fi Singularity (2017) online free in FreeMovies4k.org

The film will take you to 2020. One of the largest corporations in our planet, VA Industries, is releasing an innovative computer called Cronos. It includes artificial intelligence systems that are capable of analyzing all events occurring in the world. After all, after studying a huge amount of data, the computer decides that the most important threat to the Earth is the people themselves. A program is launched to destroy humanity, as a result of which our entire civilization is on the brink of destruction. It takes almost 100 years after these events. Because of the actions of Kronos, an insignificant part of humanity survived. Potassium and Andrew are representatives of the new generation, and they are determined to find a place where people can not be afraid of the tyranny of the omnipotent computer ...

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