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Favorites The Vault (2017)

The Vault (2017)
Year, country:
Dan Bush
James Franco, Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood
1h 31min
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Store / The Vault 2017. The thriller's main character is a young guy who very often gets into funny situations because of his connection with the underworld. Once again, the young man, having borrowed a lot of money and failing to give it away, becomes the number one enemy of the gang. They demand to repay the debt immediately, otherwise the young man will simply be killed and given in parts to his relatives.

Except for the sisters, the hero is not to whom. Despite the fact that they hate him because he constantly exposes them, the girls still agree to help him. Money needs to be returned very large, and every day the debt increases more and more, because the sisters must immediately take urgent measures to save a loved one.

There is no other choice but to rob a bank; the heroines have no. They learn that gold is buried in the old vault and decide to open it. Girls do not realize that it is guarded by creatures from the other world, who kill everyone who dares to step on their territory. As soon as the old lock, hanging on the door of the old vault, was able to be hacked, the door was opened, demonic forces were chosen. Will the sisters, who have decided on a dangerous adventure for the sake of brother, be able to escape or their fate is sealed?

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