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Favorites Kids (1995)

Kids (1995)
Year, country:
Larry Clark
Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Chloë Sevigny
1h 31min
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The debut film "Kids" by American director Larry Clark truly demonstrates the lives of teenagers of the 90s. Times have changed, and teenagers are still the same, their problems and attitudes, aspirations and expectations remained at the same level. Telly, Casper, Darcy, Jenny, Ruby and the rest of the street children see freedom at the level of sex, drugs and desire for independence. The film shows the real life, for each of his actions have to pay. The lightheadedness and carelessness with which teenagers change partners, unprotected sex leads to infection with AIDS. For fun, 16-year-old Jenny gives blood to HIV and to her horror finds out that she is infected. And she had just one boyfriend! The future generation of the century does not know what responsibility is and is paying dearly for it. 24 hours from the life of young men and women may make the audience think about the problems of modern society and draw attention to the need for close ties between children and their parents, sincerity between them. The film covers the darkest side of our lives.

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