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Favorites Where's the Money (2017)

Where's the Money (2017)
Year, country:
Scott Zabielski
Andrew Bachelor, Logan Paul, Kat Graham
1h 26min
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The plot of the movie "Where the money" shows the life of a guy who is struggling to save the family business. Twenty years ago, his father and uncle founded a boxing school to prevent children from going to street gangs. But it so happened that they were put in prison for robbing a bank. Later, the management of the school took over his mother, and afterwards the guy himself joined him.
The school is on the verge of bankruptcy, there are almost no clients. There is nothing to pay for rent, but the bank wants to take the school. They have no choice but to find a way out. Father Della called him from the prison and decided to help with the gym. He reported on the money robbed, which they hid in the basement of the most elite college in the city. But the catch is that only white people are allowed in, and Dell is African American. Now, Dell needs to develop a plan to get money that will save their business. My father wanted to give money to them when he was released, but Uncle Leo had recently fled and money was threatened. And the amount is impressive, a million dollars. Which of them is the first to get to the money?
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