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ClownTown (2016)
Year, country:
Tom Nagel
Brian Nagel, Lauren Compton, Andrew Staton
1h 26min
Sometimes children's entertainment turns into the nightmares of a mature life. They are not in fantasies, but in the form of real characters that are directly related to attractions, amusement parks, circuses and birthdays. Heroes of the film The city of clowns arrives in a quiet place, where they intend to spend an unforgettable vacation. According to some people, it should not be boring and gray here. It is such a holiday will bring tourists a lot of enchanting emotions. But local legends acquire a completely different texture with the onset of twilight. Under cover of a dark night on the streets of the city go ugly creatures, strive to penetrate the dwelling of unfamiliar guests and arrange an unforgettable reception. Have they ever heard of initiation? Tom, how usually beginners are baptized in children's camps. Approximately the same forging fiddlers with a terrible grin on the painted faces decide to arrange and young visitors. The curtain of the performance rises, and this game will not be anything different from reality. But what happens next, you'll find out yourself, as soon as you start watching the online movie Clown Town (2016), where panic is just a small fraction of the feelings that the inhuman atrocities of the clowns will provoke in the hearts of the characters.
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