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Favorites Black Holes (2017)

Black Holes (2017)
Year, country:
David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas
Conrad Vernon, Steve Little, William Fichtner
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A thirteen-minute comedy short film with a fantastic plot, centered on NASA's best astronaut and his faithful, genetically created, intellectually developed satellite. The events of this story are developing in the distant future, where it is “embarrassing to be human,” because science has long and irrevocably stepped forward. Cloning and cultivation of synthetic creatures on Earth in the order of things and this is now no surprise anyone. Now scientists of minds are trying to conquer other celestial bodies located in the vastness of the universe. For this purpose, the expedition to mysterious Mars has been preparing for many years, which will make it possible to make another colossal leap in the development of our civilization.
The first lucky person to go to an unknown distance, will be an astronaut named Dave. The permanent pilot of his spacecraft is listed as Melon (yes, you were not mistaken, that’s because he was raised from this melon culture). Partners dream of the upcoming journey. Perhaps they are destined to be the pioneers of life on the Red Planet. Then they will become famous and their names will be entered in the book of honor, as fearless pioneers who paved the way to new horizons.
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