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Skumringslandet (2014) SD
Skumringslandet (2014)
Year, country:
Paul Magnus Lundø
Leif Nygaard, Kim Bodnia, Ewen Bremner
1h 30min
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The middle of the 14th century, the Middle Ages. Around the epidemic, disease and terrible superstition. One of the Ansgar brothers lives in Norway, the other Wilheim moved to Paris. Around the village in which Ansgar lives, the mutilated bodies of local residents are found. This is the victim of a terrible maniac. For a number of reasons, everyone suspects Ansgard of this, so he had no choice but to hide. Now for the villagers he has become a nightmare and everyone can kill him. In this situation, Ansgard can only be helped by his brother, and he writes a letter asking for help.

Wilheim makes a decision to help his brother and goes home to Norway. Upon arrival, he begins to search for a real maniac, in order to divert suspicion from Ansgard. But what opens before him is much worse. Will Wilheim be able to complete his investigation and reveal many terrible secrets that terrify all the locals, the audience will learn this exciting mystical film. The film itself is made with fantasy elements, so it won't be boring.

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