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Favorites Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)

Du Barry Was a Lady (1943) HD
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
Year, country:
Roy Del Ruth
Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly
1h 44min
Description of the film “Du Barry was a Lady (1943)”
There is nothing more fascinating than the rhythm. With his own sound, he is able to brush away an invisible stupor from a man and make his heart beat with a new force. After that, the legs themselves will go to a dance, and in the head the same whirlwind will spin a stream of useless thoughts, because you don’t have to think in dance.
Du Barry was the 1943 film lady. Now pulsating rhythms go to a new level. Here and now the music will become more cheerful, the dancers will appear in revealing outfits and a real carnival will open the doors for everyone. No time to look at the stars - it's time to become a star yourself! The main entertainment of this year begins!