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Favorites The House (2017)

The House (2017)
Year, country:
Andrew Jay Cohen
Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Ryan Simpkins
1h 28min
A graduate of the school always knew that she had wonderful parents, and she could safely rely on them in any situation. Careful ancestors for many years have been saving a certain amount of money for further study of the daughter in college. And now, very soon, these money will be needed. But, suddenly it became clear that Scott Jonesen had long ago devastated the family piggy bank. And all right, if he really bought some expensive and very important thing. No, he lost everything to the last penny in the casino. Also what now to do to the little girl. Apparently, because of the disorderlyness and irresponsibility of the father, the unhappy will remain ignorant. Well, no, especially, the head of the family promised to fix the situation. So, in the basement of his own house, a man created an underground casino. Only the elite could get into this elite institution. And if initially the wife did not particularly support her husband, then afterwards, she gave up and began to help him. Well, still, the money was spent by the couple together. But do not forget that such activities in the country have always been banned. And this means that sooner or later law enforcement bodies will be interested in this strange house. But, in this case, Scott has a plan B, which he will certainly use.
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