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Favorites Exodus (2016)

Exodus (2016)
Year, country:
Hank Levine
Wagner Moura, Jule Böwe
1h 45min
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A story known to everyone from the Old Testament, when the great prophet Moses helped the Jews to get out of the captivity of the Egyptians. Moses was born in a cruel time. During this period, Pharaoh issued a decree to take the life of each born boy, in whose veins flowed Jewish blood. For the sake of saving her baby, Moses' mother put him in a wicker basket and lowered him into the water. From Nile basket pharaoh's daughter caught. She became his mother for him, and the hero grew up with Ramses, the future pharaoh. When Moses matured, he fled from the Egyptian lands, but returned to these lands again. So the Lord himself commanded him, because it was this man who was supposed to save the Jews about suffering ...

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