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Favorites The Magic Carpet (1951)

The Magic Carpet (1951) HD
The Magic Carpet (1951)
Year, country:
Lew Landers
Lucille Ball, John Agar, Patricia Medina
1h 24min
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Serious passions flare up in the hot desert. ”Omar and Yasmina announced their future heir. At some point, their newborn son would have to take over the reins of government, but soon after such news, the usurper of the government appeared to restore its order.

Red Falcon 1951 film. Miraculously, the surviving child flies away on the carpet to his uncle. Years later, we have a young doctor, Ramos, who does not share his views on running the country. In order to somehow influence the totalitarian regime of Ali, the main character decides to cross the line of the law and begin to plunder the caravans. But soon his past ceases to be a secret.

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