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Favorites Permission to Kill (1975)

Permission to Kill (1975) SD
Permission to Kill (1975)
Year, country:
Cyril Frankel
Dirk Bogarde, Ava Gardner, Bekim Fehmiu
1h 33min
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The painting "License to Kill" ("License to Kill") was the 17th official in the line of films about the inimitable 007 James Bond agent. As in all previous films, a huge number of spectacular scenes, exciting tricks and unexpected plot moves are prepared for you.
The peculiarity of this part is that this time Bond does not act on the instructions of British intelligence, but because that is how it happened. An old friend of Bond, the same CIA agent Felix enjoys all the pleasures of family life. In the status of her husband, he is very recently. But not all wish him sincere happiness. The insidious and cruel Colombian drug mafia deliberately kills Felix's wife, and he himself is given to sharks for dessert.
It is clear that James Bond could not stay away. How can he even let his friends treat like that? He is simply forced to break all the instructions and orders, while taking with him some things from the spy arsenal, goes in search of the drug lord himself.
"License to Kill" is the second movie in which 007 is played by Timothy Dalton.
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