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Favorites Essex Heist (2017)

Essex Heist (2017) HD
Essex Heist (2017)
Year, country:
Steve Lawson
Glenn Salvage, Adam Collins, Georgia Annable
1h 15min
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Jez and his auto mechanic friends live in Essex. This God-forgotten province does not dispose young people to a good life: there is no entertainment, the money earned is barely enough to not die of hunger. Where is there to think about fun? Of course, healthy young guys do not like such a miserable existence, but there is no opportunity to change anything yet. Therefore, one has to be content with little, and only dream of a beautiful life. But once the heroes have a chance to solve all the problems at once.

They will learn that a deal between rich people is planned in the city, as a result of which a whole million pounds will be handed over. For the money worth fighting. Moreover, the dishonest auto mechanics have very dark affairs behind their backs. So, the experience will help to achieve their goal. Jez takes the initiative and develops a brilliant money-taking plan. But there is one serious problem. The money belongs to the local crime boss. And if he finds out about who kidnapped them, the guys will have a bad time.