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Favorites The Wedding Invitation (2017)

The Wedding Invitation (2017) HD
The Wedding Invitation (2017)
Year, country:
Rainy Kerwin
Rainy Kerwin, Camille Guaty, Eoin Macken
1h 30min
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From the usual friendship between a man and a woman to a romantic relationship - one step? Not at all, if one of the parties is not ready, does not understand what they want from it, or is not going to change its habitual status.
Three bosom friends, the main characters of the film "Invitation to the wedding," will be forced to make a lot of efforts, to endure many tests, including quite ridiculous and somewhat humiliating for their male dignity, to tidy up their personal lives.
The number of all kinds of misunderstandings and comic situations, in which they now and then fall, sometimes just go off scale. But, fortunately, from complete confusion and despair, unlucky bachelors are securely protected by the bonds of their faithful and indestructible friendship.
Having discussed all the pressing problems behind a glass of whiskey, pouring each other's soul and making a plan for further action, they are again full of strength and hope and are ready to rush into the battle for the attention and location of their charming women. Who will be the first to smile at the long-awaited success in love?