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Favorites Tiny House of Terror (2017)

Tiny House of Terror (2017)
Year, country:
Paul Shapiro
Francia Raisa, Nazneen Contractor, Jesse Hutch,
1h 25min
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The heroine of the drama film “House of Fear Online” lived happily with her beloved husband in a high-tech home of her own. Samantha was sure that her happiness would be permanent, - they live in prosperity, do not need anything, all their problems are solved by simply pressing buttons! But one day a real problem comes for which the girl was not ready - her husband disappears without a trace. Searches do not lead to anything, and Samantha turns out to be completely helpless before the problems that have fallen after the disappearance of her husband. Soon, she had to leave a luxurious house, in which she was so happy, and move into a small, uncomfortable house, located at a distance from everything Samantha was used to.

The heroine of the film tried to put up with loneliness and a new way of life, learned to live independently, but it turned out that fate had prepared for her new trials. Soon, domestic problems faded into the background, - the girl's life was already under threat. In the house where she has to live, mysterious and terrible events begin to occur.