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Teleios (2017)
Year, country:
Ian Truitner
Sunny Mabrey,
89 min/episode
   At first, the genetic changes that scientists learned to make to the human embryo were insignificant. Then they became widespread and began to be used more often. This led to a positive result for humanity: by the beginning of 2040 there were almost no imperfect people left on Earth. Now everything is as if the selection is beautiful, incredibly intelligent and at the same time have a good-natured character. The film's events unfold in 2047, when the first space flight is organized with the participation of improved people. It is expected that the Teleos expedition will arrive at the crash site of the previous ship, where an important cargo remained, without which further development is not possible. The path of the heroes lies to Saturn, since the cargo is on the satellite of the planet Titan. By comic standards, it is very close, but the astronauts have to get two years, which they spend in a state of suspended animation. Upon arrival, all successfully awaken and take up their duties. But to complete the tasks of the heroes will not be easy. Docked to the "Atromatt" - the ship of the last team - they discover that the predecessors died for unknown reasons. Soon, the astronauts feel that inside them some changes begin ... Watch Teleios 2017 online free in HD quality on freemovies4k.org