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Amar (2017)
Year, country:
Esteban Crespo
María Pedraza, Pol Monen, Natalia Tena
1h 45min
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The first feelings of young people are the most emotional and intense. Once met Laura and Carlos. They immediately felt that the halves of a whole. The guy and the girl want to be together all the time. Soon their relationship grew into intimate. And the first sexual experience was almost interrupted due to the arrival of Aunt Anita's aunt. Carlos is a first year student. Laura is still in school. She is inexperienced and worries that she may get pregnant early after sexual intercourse. Carlos is also terribly afraid of the appearance of a child.

As told in the film “Amar 2017”, Laura lives together with the still young mother Mircea, who has a regular boyfriend. Her father, despite the fact that a long time divorced, often comes to their house with his wife Loiza.

Once, Carlos was invited to dinner. Everyone advises him to build a relationship with a girl more gradually. This young couple will have to go through many trials and troubles. There will be terrible jealousy. Carlos believes that the girl is not indifferent to his childhood friend Juan. Laura does not like the attitude of her boyfriend to her friend Martha. They grow up and become more experienced.
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