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Favorites Heartland (2017)

Heartland (2017)
Year, country:
Maura Anderson
Laura Spencer, Beth Grant, Steve Agee
98 min
Modern artist Laura adheres to unconventional sexual orientation. Most recently, her closest friend died and it was a great tragedy for her. In order to get out of the depressive state a little, Laura went to her mother's back home in Oklahoma. At this time, as described in the film "Heartland", here comes her brother Justin. The company he was a beauty Carrie. She is not only Justin's girlfriend, but also his business partner. They came to open a small winery.
While a man is engaged in business matters, a young woman frankly misses the wilderness, because she is used to living in large metropolitan areas. After a while, Carrie became friends with Laura. The girls began spending a lot of time together, and soon their relationship moved to a different level. Carrie suddenly felt a strong passion for her boyfriend's sister. Of course, they could not hide their relations in a small town for a long time. There followed a frank condemnation of others. This can lead to terrible consequences for close people.
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